Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

Dog Training Classes for Agility and Obedience

About Us

PAWSitive Dog Sports is a non-profit organization that was formed by dog enthusiasts from Cold lake and area in 2003.


Its purpose is to encourage and assist its members and the general public with the training of their dogs. We believe that a well socialized, confident and well mannered dog with a responsible owner are welcome members of a community.

PAWS would like to let you know that new members are always welcome. Our membership is open to anyone interested in interacting with their dog. We provide the opportunity for you to lean more about dog sports while having fun with your canine friend. Membership is also an opportunity to meet with fellow dog enthusiasts. It offers many opportunities to bond with your dog outside of classes and is a great way to learn new things.All dogs, no matter size or breed are welcome. Our members are as diversified as the breeds of dogs we see in our classes. Our membership comes from a diverse group of professions and includes agility and obedience instructors.

Throughout the year, we organize a NADAC sanctioned agility trial, run fun matches and sometimes we get together just for fun.

Join us

Whether your interest is in agility or pet training (competing or running your dogs for fun and exercise) or you would simply enjoy the company of other dog enthusiasts in Cold Lake, PAWSitive Dog Sports Association is the place for you!